Chandra Tubes in an emerging company manufacturing in the field of V4,V6,V8, submersible S.S.Pipes, welded pipes, seamless pipes, S.S. impellers.

Having a wide infrastructure with dealers network all over india.Providing total technical consultancy

Technical services for getting better & economical solutions with precise output 


We offer solutions for a lively environment where business and expertise strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new traditions of industry combining modernization and implementation while also leveraging an organization's existing resources. We work with great global corporations and new creation technology companies - to erect new products or services and to realize prudent business and technology strategies in today's self-motivated digital environment

Our companies core business comprises the development, manufacture, sale, marketing and mainten
ance of submersible V4,V6,V8,V10 pipes with submersible impellers all over india & abroad.